Thursday, February 28, 2008

So sad.

Last night I was up late looking up some videos on youtube for arba'een, when somehow I stumbled back upon my own blog here. So I started to read back through some of my old posts and literally started crying remembering all those times that I wrote about. I am so upset that I do not get the chance to write in this blog anymore. I don't want to forget those moments that I spend with my girls, but I do. And re-reading the things I wrote here before just brought them all back to me.

So today what I did was first went back to my inbox and replied to all the numerous emails that I have received through this blog for the past few months. It amazes me how many people still visit, read and discover my blog on a daily basis. I have tried my best to reply to everyone, but I know I skipped a few because after a while it just got so draining. In any case, I feel like I have caught up with that.

What I want to do is start writing again. Writing in this blog and telling whoever may stumble upon here what I do with my children everyday. Letting everyone know how much my girls have changed, blossomed, and grown since my last detailed posts about them. They are now both 6 years old and 4 years old. The most drastic change has taken place in my youngest for she is no longer the rough, grouchy and unfriendly toddler she used to be. In fact quite the opposite. I want to write about the changes in her personality and how her reading is progressing. I want to write about how my 6 year old is doing in her lessons and what she has learned from them.

Not only do I want to do all of this, I need to do it. I need to write all this down so, just like last night, in the future when I stumble upon this blog, it will again bring me to tears.

More posts coming up shortly. Promise. :)


  1. i miss your blog much. I do hope you'll write more...

  2. I miss it, too. I hope to hear more about Connections Academy.

  3. salam...
    we are bumgembul, islamic child from Indonesia. nice blog.