Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"A Man in the Attic" by Imran Zaidi

Assalam Alaykum everyone,

My apologies for abandoning this blog and not writing more often. We have been busy with Connections Academy. Inshallah I will write more about that as soon as I get the chance, for now I wanted to post something that is a little off topic, but very important to relay to everyone.

Ali Imran Zaidi, my brother-in-law, makes short films as a hobby. The short film “A Man in the Attic” is written, directed, produced and narrated by him. It has been winning many awards in Orlando, Toronto, DC and more… And NOW it is finally available online for all to see!!!

This film is now appearing on the home page of Current, the internet/cable channel started by Al Gore. If it is viewed by many people and gets popular they will buy it and put it on their TV channel. So please if you can take 7 minutes out of your time to view it, and possibly vote for it (to vote though you need an account, which is simple enough, but not necessary to view the page) and also to send this to anyone and everyone that you know, we would appreciate it.

This is the direct link to view “A Man in the Attic”:

Written/Produced/Directed by Ali Imran Zaidi, 7 min 25 sec
An American Muslim ponders, discusses and ruminates on his position in America, and the decline of his people in western civilization.

If you want to know more about Imran and his work visit:
His contact info is on there as well.

Thanks everyone and I hope you are all well Inshallah!!!

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