Tuesday, December 05, 2006


My deepest apologies for not writing for a while, it’s a bit crazy here, we are swamped with work.

Oh okay fine I admit that I have a secret addiction!!!!!! Happy now? This addiction takes over once in a while so any spare time that I usually have during the day (and night, mostly night) usually vanishes. I have to seriously fight this addiction to get anything done around here so as you can see with homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, etc… blogging doesn’t even come close to the top. I’ll get to the addiction later (maybe) but here’s what else has been going on.

1) We are going to Toronto next week! A relative’s wedding reception has come up out of the blue so we have to go and since it’s such short notice we are actually driving up. We’ve done this once before, about 4 years ago, and it was so much fun. It is a beautiful drive; we are looking forwarded to it. I can’t wait to see my mom and my sis, even though we will only be in Toronto for a few days, it should still be loads of fun, inshallah. When we told the girls they were also very excited!

2) I started the reading lessons from the book “Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons” with my three year old last week. I was planning on starting in January but she actually told me that she wanted to read so I started them. It was really sweet, she was trying to read a book (like she always does) just making up the words by looking at the pictures and then all of a sudden she stopped and says to me “Mama, why can’t I read it like you and Apa (big sister)?” So I told her I would teach her how to read it soon, inshallah. Well she wasn’t satisfied with that and demanded I teach her RIGHT NOW! So anyways, we started and she is really enjoying it. We are on lesson 7 and she knows how to make perfect m’s on her Dora the explorer magna doodle now. I catch her practicing writing m’s on the magna doodle several times during the day.

3) My five year old will have completed two more classes by the end of this month and then another one by the end of January. That will leave us with three classes for the rest of the year, but then we will pick up two electives in January, if they are available. Also her teacher told me that when she has completed math (which she will by the end of January) she will ship out grade one math to us and we can start on that early instead of waiting till next fall. So that should give us more of a workload. It shouldn’t be too bad I hope. Plus I’ll be busier teaching the three year old how to read and then also the month of Muharram begins in January as well.

4) Okay, okay I will admit my shameful addiction. I hate to do this because it is SUCH A WASTE OF TIME but oh my lord I cannot stop playing The SIMS 2. This game has such a hold over me. I was addicted to the original SIMS way back when it first came out, and then when SIMS 2 came out I was totally addicted to that. Luckily I changed computers and somehow lost the cd so I wasn’t able to play it for a year or two. But that itch to play comes back every now and then and I was itching to play it for months. So I finally broke down and told my husband (BIG MISTAKE) because he of course got it for me right away and here I am staying up half the night making sure my SIM is socialized and not hungry and is increasing their skills constantly. My lord this game is so addictive, once I start 3 or 4 hours will go by in a flash and I will not notice at all. It will only feel like 10 minutes, SERIOUSLY! So I was playing it one day while the girls were napping and then my five year old woke up and snuck up on me while I played and she got so into it. She told me to explain it to her so I did and the next thing you know she's yelling "Mama hurry the SIM really needs to go to the potty, or they will go all over the floor again.” Now that was REALLY hilarious! So finally I had to create a new SIM family and of course for some reason they all have the same names as us. So my five year old’s SIM was specifically designed by her and does everything she wants her to do. Same goes for my three year olds, except she didn’t want her SIM to be a child; she wanted hers to be a “big girl” so my three year old’s SIM is actually a teenager. Am I bad that I got my girls addicted just like myself?

Okay sorry to all the non-SIMS-playing people for all the SIMS talk. I hope I didn’t put y’all to sleep. So this is what has been going on. But really, it’s getting ridiculous with this SIMS addiction. Hopefully I will be able to kick the SIMS habit after we return from our vacation, unless I take my laptop with me and then we will be sitting in the car the whole time playing SIMS.

My goodness I need to put an end to this!!! HELP!!!


  1. LOL! I loved that game but haven't played it since i got married.... Now i just have a human version of a sim lol...

  2. having played CIV 4 for 15 straight hours i kind of know how you feel. and thaks for providing the link to 100 easy lessons to reading. think i might have to buy that book.

  3. 15 HOURS STRAIGHT? I hope there was some potty breaks in there somewhere! LOL!