Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Caroline Maryam Ward

Caroline Maryam Ward is a homeschooling mom of 7 kids from the UK. A few years back she answered some homeschooling questions for the Islamic Home Schooling Advisory Network. I feel that she did a very good job of addressing issues such as: discipline, organization, and the ever popular, socialization. Here is a link to the article:
Question Time.

And for those in the UK, click here to learn more about the Islamic Home Schooling Advisory Network.


  1. wow that's so interesting. The long term effects of early schooling is a fascinating topic i'd like to know more about. One of the things i noticed with my daughter after i put her in school is her lack of 'socialness' when she comes home. All of the lessons i taught her on how to interact with her younger sibling are just down the drain. I hope it's just a phase. but i understand it in a way. All day she's had to be 'good' and quiet and listen and she comes home and wants to just do whatever she wants and behave however she wants. So i don't see how school teaches her socialization at all. It was i that taught her socialization, with her brother, and the school messed it up for me.

  2. Yes I can understand that. A lot of bad behaviours are also picked up from school. Children tend to treat others the way they are being treated by their peers.

    Your daughter is still young though and she's very lucky to have a mother that has the time to spend with her and help guide her to better behaviour.