Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Teacher phone conference

Every two weeks I have a phone conversation with my five year old’s teacher from Connections Academy to see how we are progressing and if there are any questions from either side. Well we had ours earlier today and she wanted to know how we were doing. So I told her that we’ll be pretty much done all the courses by the end of December except for 3, Reading and writing, Math and Spanish (which we started last week, and now she can successfully count to ten in Spanish!) She said she’s been watching how she’s been progressing, and she looked over some of her work online and she’s happy with the way her reading is going and she wants her to try and write a story. She said to let her write a narrative, about any topic that she likes and get her to draw pictures for it as well. She said she’ll send me more self-addressed stamped envelopes so I can send them to her so she can grade them as well as give feedback. I told my five year old about it and she says she wants to write about our girls day out.

The teacher also would like us to start two more electives in January; something called webquest and then also another called homelife. Webquest is another computer course and homelife is different projects that you will do with your child and then work on something for it like a collage and send it in to be graded. So if we decided to bake something together we could take pictures and then have my 5 year old write out the recipe or a letter and then send it all in. Or if we go on a field trip together we can do a project on that. I don’t have all the details but it sounds pretty interesting.

She also told me today that there are two students in her class who are doing really well and my five year old is one of them. She said that the mother of the other child is also very involved like me and we are also the only ones that have chosen to do electives, which I was really surprised about. She was also very happy to hear that both of us chose a foreign language as an elective and the other child and their mother have also chosen to do the homelife elective. She told me they are having a lot of fun with it and that’s why she is suggesting it to me because she knows we will probably enjoy it too. Once we start it up in January I’ll let you all know how it goes and maybe post some information about the projects if I can.


  1. Makes you wonder about the other students - how could the parents not be involved in homeschooling? And how could they not take any electives? It goes to show it really does matter - whether your kids are homeschooled or in public school, it is the parents who make the difference.

  2. Yes you are right. I was very surprised to hear that we were the only ones taking the electives, especially since we already have such an easy workload.