Monday, November 13, 2006

National Children's Book Week

November 13th through the 19th is National Children's Book Week. The NEA (National Education Association) website gives you a list of 100 books that kids love reading. It also gives you a list of teachers' top 100 books. This is a great way to find a book that may interest your child and get him/her motivated to read.

Also, the Children's Book Council has started a nationwide book donation program. For more information, visit the following link:


  1. I have to say that I enjoy your blog so much. You seem like a wonderful mother, and may you be blessed. :)

    I love to see happy, positive people with faith. There's so much negativity in the world-it's wonderful to see somone that believes in life!!

  2. Anila, I may have to murder my husband.

    He comes up to me the other day, holding a box and saying, "why didn't you ever open this?"

    Evidently it had been hiding behind a coffee table and I had never even SEEN IT! And what is it? An eid present for the Hs'!!!!!!

    HOLY LORD! These are GREAT books girly! Thank you so much!

    Off to look up 'hitman' in the yellow pages...


    ps- I need your email addie, drop me a line

  3. Eli - Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog looks as if it will be a fun read as well. I've always wanted to live in / visit New York so I will read yours often to learn more about your city life. Thanks for visiting and thanks for the lovely comments! :)

    Leila - LOL! Girl you kill me. Check your email! :)