Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Muslim scouts

Okay so I am really jealous! Why can't there be something like this in Orlando? Is there something like this in Florida anywhere? How does one go about starting your own group like this, because I am SO willing to do this!!!

There is a local girl scouts council here but I looked into it and some of their activities will not really work well with us.

Is anyone a part of something like this that is similar? Any information would be helpful. I'm going to contact the people at and see what I can find out.


  1. That is sooo cool. We profiled them once in azizah...i thought it WAS in florida... I'll have to look into it. I know we have them here in GA though. Move on over this way. ;-)

  2. Please you have to find out if it was in Florida and where it was.

    You know I've always wanted to subsribe to Azizah magazine but I never got around to it. Are you still a part of it?

  3. Yeah, not as much as i used to be but still involved...

    At our next meeting i'll look up that article...

  4. Start your own troop and do the activities suited to you Islam and your family.