Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Months in Islam

Lately my girls have been crazy over this one nasheed that they’ve heard by Rasheed Bhikha (Zain Bhikha’s son) called Months in islam. So much so that my five year old demanded that I teach her all the months in islam right away. So we’ve been working on it, she knows them all, almost. She loves to sing the song along with me so I just had to record her doing it. Of course when my three year old saw what we were doing she wanted to join in on the fun and sang with us too. You’ll hear her the second time around, she’s the one who is REALLY EXCITED that she is singing along with mama and her big sister.

This is a great way to teach your kids the months in islam. You can buy the cd here if you are interested!


  1. i love his songs too...i haven't heard this cd but love the "I Look I See" cd with this song and others on it...good stuff. :-)

  2. yup, the girls love his songs and Dawud Wharnsby's.