Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Girls Day Out!

Mondays are usually library days but once we got there this Monday my five year old announced that she did not want to go to story time today because today the story teller was Mr. Bill and she did not like Mr. Bill. So I asked her why not and she matter-of-factly told me “Because he is too loud and not fun at all. He tries to be fun, but he is boring.” I almost burst out laughing in her face because I too felt EXACTLY the same way about Mr. Bill. Don’t get me wrong, I thought he was great at first (except for the loud booming voice that used to freak me out sometimes) but I thought he was very energetic. However after watching the same 30 minute routine 100 times with no changes whatsoever except for whatever book he chose to read to us that day, I quickly realized it was getting old and boring. I just didn’t think my 5 year old realized that as well.

Anyhow, so we just returned our books and checked out some new ones and left without going in to the story time area. However I didn’t feel like going home yet so I took the girls to a nearby park. They swung and slided and pretended to be pirates (there was a pretend boat there) for about an hour. I was starting to get hungry and they had no intention of leaving the park yet, so I asked them if they would like to have a girls day out with me. We would do lots of fun stuff like go to the library (which we already did) then to the park (which we were at) and then eat lunch out and maybe if we were good have some dessert out too. They got really excited and ran to the car.

So when we got to the restaurant, ordered our food and sat down to eat my 3 year old decided to very loudly tell everyone around us that is was girls day out and there are no Baba’s (her father) and boys allowed. My five year old and I started giggling, and so did the people sitting behind us so she decides to say it again really loudly. No boys allowed because boys are stinky! I was like “WOAH THERE!” I told her boys aren’t stinky, they are just not allowed today because it is girls day out. So she agreed very loudly again, “THAT’S RIGHT, NO BOYS ALLOWED AT THIS TABLE!!! Luckily nobody kicked us out of the restaurant. LOL!

Girls day out turned out to be fun, and when we got home my five year old said, “Mama, I really liked girls day out; lets do it all the time!”

I was thinking, don't we do that all the time? Yes me and the girls do go out together often, but it's funny if you just give your time together a name, it becomes so special to them.


  1. We had another girls day out recently. We did some shopping and then had ice cream! But this time they felt a little guilty and wanted to take some ice cream home for Baba! LOL!