Tuesday, October 17, 2006

To fast or not to fast?

On Saturday my five year old kept a half fast. She really wanted to keep a full fast so I told her to start with a half fast and then we’ll take it from there. So she had a big breakfast in the morning and then stated that she was only going to eat at iftar time, but we made a deal that she still had to keep drinking water if she was thirsty. So that was decided and when lunchtime rolled around and her three year old sister was having lunch she decided she would just have a very small teeny tiny lunch and then continue with her fast till iftar time. My husband and I could barely stop ourselves from laughing but we managed and we were happy that she was still content with her “half fast.” Then it was about an hour from iftar time and I could tell she was getting hungry so I told her she can have something small right now and then eat with everyone later but she said she wanted to wait it out, and she did. I was proud of her for at least lasting that long. It was so VERY hard for me to see my child hungry, even for a few minutes. I can’t imagine what mothers all over this world go through.

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