Wednesday, October 11, 2006


You know what really makes me feel absolutely amazing; when my children want to pray with me. This evening when it was iftar time I was starting my prayer anxiously because I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the yummy samosas! Anyhow, my three year old demanded that I help her spread out her prayer mat so she can pray beside me. The girls have their own hijabs and prayer mats in our prayer room so they can pray with us whenever they want. I was a little annoyed for a split second because my hunger pains got the better of me, but then I realized it had been a while since she had prayed with me and I remembered the wonderful feeling I got when she did. So I quickly helped her spread it out. I started my prayer and she just followed doing the actions along with me. Up and down, raising her hands for the dua, it really gives me such joy having her pretending to pray beside me. My five year old also joins us very often.

Then at the end I was quickly putting away my hijab because all I could think about were the samosas, LOL, and she says, “But Mama, we didn’t do ziarat! My three year old was reminding me to do ziarat because she’s used to us doing it after every prayer. It was so adorable.

A little later when I was putting the girls to bed, my five year old asked, “Mama did you open your fast?” (She didn’t see me opening it today because she was busy doing some work) I said yes and she answered, “that’s good, I hope you had lots of samosas because they were good.” LOL


  1. awww, that is so cute. I know exactly what you mean too!

  2. Salam sister, how are you little ones doing? They are so adorable, mashallah. :)

  3. LOL!
    Once I took my friend's four-year-old daughter to the mosque with me and she wanted to pray next to me, so I let her. She wiggled around a bit and giggled with her little friend on the other side of her, but she did the dua and sajda parts as the congregation was doing them,and when we were done, she looks at me with the most adoring expression on her face and says,
    "Thank you for letting me pway with you!"
    Her mother is not a Muslim, and I don't know if her father keeps regular prayers or not, but I was touched by the way she said that.
    She spent a lot of time in my home, because her father wanted her to have a little "Islamic" influence. It worked too; she used to beg me to let her wear a scarf like I wear, so I found one for her and put it on her. When I stood her on the bathroom counter so she could see herself in the mirror she bent way back and laughed so hard. She said, "I am like you!" Then she gave me a very serious look and touched the scarf, saying, "This not hu't." I loved her so-o-o much, but then I had to move and lost contact with the little girl.

  4. Children are so amazingly innocent! It's a shame she lost you as a role model. :)