Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lessons, lessons and more lessons

I wanted to cover a bit more about what we’ve been doing in the lessons with Connections Academy. They are just so easy and we breeze through them I just never really feel the need to talk about it. Well here’s what our lessons and schedule is like.

Basically my five year old has eight courses. Technology (her favorite), Social Studies, Science, Reading and Writing, Music, Math, Art and Activities. On average we do about six lessons a day (but sometimes A LOT more than that). We do Reading and Writing and Math everyday and then we have different days for the rest of the subjects. Most of the lessons she finds very boring and just speeds through them. She likes to do the work but doesn’t like it when I follow the lesson manual exactly word for word like they tell me because she says she knows all that already. I still try and go through it, but in a more interesting way. Sometimes I’ll ask her to explain things to me, instead of vice versa. Then she’ll just zip through the assignments/worksheets in a second. We’ve been going so fast that three of these courses will be finished in November and then two more will be finished in December; which leaves us with 3 courses for the rest of the year. So I’ve talked to her teacher and she has suggested some electives. But they don’t really have as much to offer in electives that they thought they would. I’m going to start Spanish with her, Inshallah. And then the teacher said if she finished math early she can send me the curriculum to grade one math. Math is set to finish some time in February, but I have a feeling it may finish before then.

The other elective they have is hooked on phonics, but I don’t know if my daughter can actually use that. I know they have different levels of it, but what if she’s already reading at 2nd grade level or higher? What level of hooked on phonics does she use then? Is hooked on phonics even worth spending our time on? Have any of you ever used it before? What do y’all think of it?

She is really enjoying the stuff though, even though she does find it to be really easy. She loves Science and all the experiments we’ve done so far. She also loves social studies because there have been a lot of fun assignments. I think the most boring for her has been the Reading and Writing though because it’s just so monotonous and so easy. But I’ve learned to get go through the boring stuff pretty fast and put more emphasis on the handwriting, assignments/worksheets or book reports part of it.

She was really enjoying math as well at first but now I see her sometimes talking to the worksheets saying, “Okay already I already know this, why do I have to do this again?” or she’ll say “Hello, can this get any easier?” It’s funny because she’s not actually talking to me; she’s told me she’s talking to the worksheet, LOL.


  1. I've heard of other parents make similar complaints about home school programs. And the interesting thing is, many of those parents later put their kids into public schools and their children weren't really so far ahead in the public school environment, some were even considerably behind.

    I think maybe there is some difference in performance between home with a worksheet and in a classroom environment sometimes, though I am not sure why.

    But some home schooled students ended up ahead, too, just usually not in all areas.

  2. Yeah I'm sure there is quite a difference in a classroom environment, they probably absorb more not only from their teachers, but from other students.

    Hopefully she's doing alright though. At least her handwriting is getting better! :)

  3. Zahra8:45 AM

    I just wanted to say as a teacher in an Islamic school, that you can add to the curriculum, go to enchanted learning or ed helper.com and print out lessons that are maybe a little more challenging, or just worded/put together differently. I have a few students that are very quick to grasp a concept and don't need as much instruction time as the others. I always try to have something more challenging on hand for them.
    They love Suduko or even crossword puzzles too, for times you dont want to give them another lesson.Oh yes, and don't forget reading comprehension, it is so so important. HTH!