Friday, October 20, 2006

Desktop wallpaper

I taught my five year old how to change the desktop wallpaper on her computer just once several weeks ago. Now every time I see her computer she has a different wallpaper. At first she was just playing around with the ones that came with the computer like tulips, moon flower or bliss. But a few weeks ago I walked in to see Hello Kitty on there. I had no idea how she did that so I asked her and she very confidently tells me, “Oh it’s so easy Mama. I just went to the Hello Kitty website and then went in the play games section and in that section there’s another section called downloads and in the downloads section they have lots and lots of desktop patterns that you can just right-click on and set them as your background.”

I was speechless!

Now there’s a new Hello Kitty on her computer every day.


  1. Wow. And to think how many adults don't know how to even use a computer... Times are a changin'