Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Painting and pen pals

Today for the science lesson we talked about land, water and air. I sketched a picture of a landscape with a hill and lots of sky and water on newsprint. Then my five year old painted it using lots of light blue for the sky, green for the grassy hills, brown for the soil and mud and bright blue for the water. There were some activity pages in the science book that had small pictures of butterflies, boats, clouds, airplanes, flowers, trees, etc…that she colored and cut out. Once her painting has dried by tomorrow, she will glue these pictures on her landscape painting where they would belong, in the land, water or air.

We’re supposed to put this in the portfolio folder that we send to her teacher next week. She’ll look at her artwork, worksheets and tests; grade them and mail them back to us. This will be the first portfolio mailing next week and we’re both excited about it. I’m looking forward to see what kind of grade she will get, and I think she’s looking forward to sharing her work with someone other than her family members.

Last week we mailed off our first letter to her new pen pal. Connections Academy has a program that sets the students up with pen pals of similar age and interests. So we mailed our first letter to a little five year old in Oregon. My five year old dictated a very polite and friendly letter to me and then made a drawing of herself and her pen pal. Today we received a response and I can’t tell you how excited she was. The best part was having her read the letter to herself first and watching her facial expressions. She was very surprised and excited to hear that her pen pal had THREE OLDER SISTERS! For some reason that was unbelievable to her. Her pen pal also loves to paint and has a dog that is bigger in size than her. So after painting her landscape, my five year old did a painting for her pen pal as well. A little girl beside an orange dog that was bigger than her.


  1. Amirah9:34 PM

    Salaam, Anila,

    Here is something else you can do with the land/air/water mat. Buy a tube of plastic miniature animals from Michael's and have the children place the animals in the appropriate areas (fish in water, bears in woods, etc). You can even buy a piece of canvas and paint your landscape there so that the mat and the animals can be used in conjunction for years to come.

    Thanks for the Ramadan activities link:)

    Wa Salaam,

  2. That's a great idea, thanks Amirah! :)