Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Month of Ramadan Activities

As the month of Ramadan approaches a lot of us start thinking about how we will enlighten our children and teach them about this sacred month. For the younger ones, it’s always good to have things that they can see and perhaps do themselves and also activities that will involve daily participation. We can get them involved with preparation of food, reciting prayers, Quran, and arts and crafts are also great fun! I have found many websites with wonderful ideas so I thought I would do a jumbo list of them.

Here goes:
This week at Madressa we had a little time left over so we decided to do a quick Ramadan craft with the kids, it really only took about half an hour. First on a large sheet of construction paper we drew a ribbon and bow to make it look like a big present. The students then decorated it and we wrote Eid Mubarak on there. Next we cut strips of paper about one inch wide and ten inches long. Then we had the students make a paper chain with the strips of paper with 30 links in it and we attached it to the bottom of the Eid present. So their homework for each day of the month of Ramadan is to remove a link from the chain (with their parents) so they can see how many days of the month are left until it is Eid. They are all very excited about it and ran home to put them up in their room somewhere. My 5 year old did one as well. Once the month of Ramadan is here and we get it up I’ll take a picture and post it so you can get an idea on how it looks. It’s VERY easy and quick to do if you don’t have a lot of time.

Enjoy the links and please let me know what you are planning to do with your children this month of Ramadan!

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