Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back to School Meme

Taken from Otowi!

1. Where have you attended school? -- Donwood Park Jr PS (elementary), Charles Gordon Sr PS (junior high), David and Mary Thomson CI (highschool) -- All in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

2. What was your favorite grade? -- Can we pick more than 1? I loved 5th grade, the best teacher I ever had. And then I also loved 11th and 12th grades!

3. Favorite subject? -- Spanish, I loooooooooved spanish class.

4. Were you in any clubs? -- OMG, do I really have to admit this? Okay, but just a few dorky ones like gram committee and multicultural club.

5. Whatever happened to that old home ec or shop project? Or maybe it was science fair? -- Yeah what the heck happened to that pair of awesome shorts I sewed in sewing class and my fish bank that I made in wood shop??? I remember wearing the shorts at night up until college and my fish bank full of my penny collection up until 12th grade but then it's all a blur after that.

6. Did you play any sports? -- Yes, but mainly in elementary school. Soccer, and track.

7. Did you ever win a ribbon on field day? -- Yes, I won ribbons for some sort of running long jump or something, can't remember.

8. What was your favorite project or activity in art? -- I hated art. I am so not creative at all.

9. Did you play an instrument? What? -- Yes, flute, I think I still could if I tried.

10. What did you do in a school play? -- 5th grade, I was Shahrazad's younger sister, Dinarzad in 1001 nights (in which I wore a Sari for the first time in my life)

11. What is your favorite school supply? -- Pencil crayons, I loooooove my freshly sharpened pencil crayons.

12. Did you look forward to going back to school each fall? -- Yes in elementary and highschool but not in junior high.

13. Were you one of the first or last out at dodgeball or wall ball? -- Close to last in junior high, what is wall ball?

14. What were the cliques in your school and where did you fit in? -- typical like in every other school. I was in a group with mainly other muslims, all clean, good and innocent fun. :)

15. Finish this phrase: Down down baby just like a --------- (I'm sorry, I'm lost?)

Or this one: Miss Susie had a ----------. ?

And now share your own that you remember: ----------- ?

16. Do you remember the name of the lunch lady or the custodian or the secretary? -- Nope, sorry.

17. Did you buy new school clothes? Did you pick them or did your parents? -- yes, I did.

18. What did you do at recess? -- I remember lots of hopscotch and skipping

19. Hot lunch or cold lunch? Pail or sack? -- cold sandwich in a lunchbag

20. If you had a lunch box, who/what was on it? If you didn't, who/what would you have wanted on it? -- I don't recall ever having a lunchbox, but if I did have or want one, I'm sure I would've wanted a strawberry shortcake one because I was a fanatic!

21. Dress code? -- Typical muslim dress code sans hijab.

22. How many times did you get sent to the principal's office? -- hehehe, I think only a few times.

23. Pencil fight or dimes or _____? -- Can't recall.

24. One potato two potato, bubble gum in a dish, or eenie meenie? -- eenie meenie

25. What was a poem you memorized, and do you still remember it? -- Don't recall the name, therefore do not remember it. :)

26. What are the best children's books you remember reading? -- My favorites were Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary books, I read them over and over and over.

27. Were you a scout or something similar? -- Nope

28. What was your favorite classroom chore? Taking the chalkboard erasers to the janitor's hall where they had this machine you slide them in and it cleaned them.

29. What gimmick did elementary teachers use to get kids to behave? -- I don't remember any.

30. What drills did you have? I just remember fire.

31. What were the hot hairdos and fashion statements? -- Unfortunately I had the crazy teased/curly hair with bangs and the big bell bottom pants!

32. Shared a locker? Had your own? Cubby hole? -- Lockers started after elementary.

33. Best memory of kindergarten or even preschool? -- Sadly I never went to kindergarten or preschool. I was in Pakistan till the age of 5 then when we moved to Canada and when I started school I was turning six that month so they put me straight into grade 1. I never went to school in Pakistan.

34. What color was your graduation gown? -- purple (which is also my favorite color)

35. Did you letter in anything? -- What do you mean by lettering?

36. What's the best game of tag? -- Kissing tag, NOT!!!

37. Red Rover or Crack the Whip? -- Red Rover

That was fun, went down memory lane and realized just how much I have forgotten already. Thanks sis Masooma!


  1. Fun!
    What is grams committee?
    I want one of those eraser cleaner machines - I've never seen one, and they sure would come in handy!
    Strawberry shortcake - I remember those!
    #15 - those are words to playground clapping games, maybe they aren't played in Canada.
    lettering - in high schools here, if you play varsity in a sport, you can get a letter or pin to wear on your 'letter jacket' a special jacket in the high school's colors. You may also letter in music if you win certain contests, and if you have a certain grade point average in some places you can get a letter for academics.

  2. Oh, and wall ball - that was a game played by mostly older boys. You would throw a rubber ball at a wall and it was supposed to bounce and then someone was supposed to catch it and then throw it to the wall again, etc. If someone messed up in the throwing or catching, they had to run and touch the wall before someone picked up the ball and hit them with it or they'd be out.
    Glad you had fun!

  3. Grams committee? You really don't want to know. :)
    I don't remember having lettering in Canada.
    Now that you describe it, wall ball is starting to sound familiar.

  4. I don't mean to embarrass you further, but what is the gram committee?

  5. LOL, don't worry it's nothing scandalous. Okay on certain holidays throughout the year we used to set up different valentine's grams or roses, or whatever holiday it was, so people would send them to each other and we made quite a bit of money for the school. We would start selling these about a week or two before the holiday and then it would be personally delivered to the people's class in front of everyone on the day of the holiday. Our big day was valentines, but we also did easter and halloween and christmas, etc...
    They were called holiday grams!