Sunday, August 27, 2006

Five year olds

I’m sorry for not writing that much, I feel so swamped with work these days. There’s so much to do for Connections Academy and on top of all that I also have Madressa that I teach every Sunday.

Basically another girl and I are teaching the kindergarten class. So there’s a bunch of five year olds and then my little three year old who just kind of sits there and colors or plays with play-doh most of the time. I must say it is quite entertaining teaching this class because of the things five year olds just blurt out or do during the lessons.

The funniest is this one little girl who is just so adorable. She seems to always have her mind on something else or she blurts out the most ridiculous things it’s so hard not to laugh. For example, last week the other teacher was talking to them about Jinns and how they are made of fire. So we go through the whole lesson, and everyone “seems” to understand the concept. We do an exercise and a worksheet on it. Then at the end of the class we ask them all again, “So what are Jinns made of?” And before anyone could say anything, she just yells out “ALLAH!” The other students just gave her this look which was like, “What are you ON?” It was so hard not to laugh, but we managed and explained it all again.

Now in the middle of today’s lesson she decides to interrupt us to let us all know how she went to the dentist yesterday and brushed her teeth. The look on her face was priceless because she seemed so proud of herself. It really is just a joy to teach them.

I must admit teaching at Madressa is physically and mentally exhausting, but it is turning out to be so much fun. And best of all, so rewarding!


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  2. Muslimah in Miami9:43 AM

    i noticed that your madrassa link is a shia resource. Are you shia?