Tuesday, August 15, 2006

African Lion Safari

There were lots of Animals, but only some of the pictures turned out decent enough to post. Here are some interesting ones that I love.

I love Zebras, so beautiful.

One of my favorite pics!

My mom feeding the animals; I know we broke the rules, so what!!!

Can someone, for the love of GOD, please tell me what animal this is???

All of the pictures above were taken by my sister.


  1. Anonymous10:43 AM

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  2. Lindsey11:15 PM

    Salaams sis. I recently found your blog and was curious...were is this safari at? Im also located in orlando, fl and i have a 2 yr old daughter...this seems very nice! So you just drive and view the animals?

  3. Lindsey11:16 PM

    oh boy. opps. Just realized this was in canada not orlando...LOL! Sorry about that. never mind! lol

  4. hehe that's okay sis. I wish there was one in Orlando, safari parks are so much fun. I think there is one in South Florida that might be a nice little drive to take if you are interested. Here is there website:
    I've never been to that one, but it looks interesting enough. :)

    Whereabouts in Orlando do you live?

  5. Lindsey10:39 AM

    I live in hunters creek/Falcon trace area. My daughter goes to Montessori school...which is like 5 mins from our place. Not sure if you know about it. I was curious to know more about the local islamic schools and other muslim sisters opinions about them because im thinking that in the next year or two we are going to transfer her over there because the montessori school will get pretty expensive as we have more children (we only have 1 right now) and also she wont have the islamic education really but from what i hear in the community..the local islamic schools are just not up to par and dont have qualified certified teachers, ect. Also hear they are kinda unorganized but this is just what i hear. So i would love some other input on the schools. We are closest to Jama Masjid..i think its called vista academy but i know quite a few moms who pulled the kids out of there though so it kinda makes me scared. Unfortunatly i dont have the patience or desire to homeschool..i really really wish i did and i tottally admire you sis!! but i just could never do it myself, but right now montessori is fine for everyone but she is only there half day so when baby #2 comes we would like to put her in full day but its just soooo expensive there...and islamic school is alot cheaper for all day classes. But i dont know...so confused really cuz i want the best of both worlds..quality education but also islamic education/enviroment and it seems like you cant get BOTH at the same place...i dont know...

    Sorry for blabbing on and on here...lol