Sunday, June 25, 2006

She's finally five!!!

Okay so we had the big 5th birthday bash! It was not big at all, very small party for very close friends and it was so much fun. My now five year old said so many sweet things to me after the party that it almost brought me to tears. But first let me tell you more about the party.

As I mentioned before it was a Hello Kitty and Butterflies theme. Basically I had more things planned than were actually accomplished but the girls had a lot of fun jumping on the furniture and hula hooping on their own. When the guests first arrived I had a table full of crayons and beautiful hello kitty coloring pages I got from the website. There was a competition on who could color the nicest and I was the judge. At the end I liked everyone’s pages so everyone got hello kitty chocolate. We also played Pin the bow on Hello Kitty (which I didn’t get a very good picture of) and a hello kitty memory game. Then I put some temporary butterfly tattoos on the girls and they also got to have some butterfly and hello kitty stickers.

For refreshments I made this very yummy punch which everyone loved. It’s very economical to make and so easy too. Basically it was 1/2 cup of cherry kool-aid powder, 4 cups of water, 46 fluid ounce can of pineapple juice and a 2 liter bottle of ginger-ale. Mix it all together the night before (except for the ginger-ale) and put it in the fridge. Then on the day of the party pour it in the punch bowl and then dump in the ginger-ale. I also made an ice ring which I put in the punch bowl before pouring in the ginger-ale. I made the ice ring in a bundt baking pan with diluted pineapple juice and some pineapple rings and cherries or grapes. Freeze the ice ring the night before as well and it keeps the punch cold during the whole party. Very cool and delicious!

Then of course we had the standard junk food of cookies, chips and popcorn. We also had drumsticks and sandwiches and rice. Everyone enjoyed and loved the food, especially the yummy chocolate photo cake which we got from BJ’s.

The goody bags were enjoyed as well. We had all sorts of candy and accessories in them. The best were the shiny sunglasses which everyone wore for a group photo that turned out superb.

After the party in the evening my two year old was so exhausted she totally crashed and fell asleep mid-dinner. So the five year old and I were busy playing with her new toys (which turned out to be mostly Hello Kitty) after dinner and chatting it up. She was being so sweet, she kept saying what a wonderful party it was and saying, “Thank you mama for throwing me such a wonderful party, I had so much fun.” Then she kissed me and hugged me a lot. Then at one point I was asking her about her best friend who was at the party and if she had a lot of fun with her since she hadn’t seen her for a few weeks and I knew that she had missed her. I asked her as a joke if she was her favorite person at the party because they were inseparable and all of a sudden she said, “No Mama, you were my favorite person at the party and she hugged me again.” Let me tell you how difficult it was for me to hold back my tears. Even typing about it again right now is making my eyes water.

May Allah (swt) always keep her safe and happy!

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