Thursday, June 15, 2006

Last day of Pre-Kindergarten!

We have finally completed all of the lessons of the Calvert Pre-k curriculum. All in all, I enjoyed using the curriculum, even though it was incredibly easy and you don’t really need it if you are already reading with your child and doing arts and crafts. However, it did give me many ideas for different projects and also she just really enjoyed it. Basically by the end of the curriculum the child should be able to recognize some letters, know their address and phone number and be able to count to ten. Since we recently moved, she’s in the process of learning her new address. Everything else she has surpassed already.

After we completed the last lesson today, I gave her a little graduation certificate which I printed from “” and she went showing it off to everyone. She was very proud of herself.

Her reading is still going very strong and she can read just about anything. She still loves being read to and we read a few books during the day together and of course she always needs me to read her the bedtime story. She can count to 100, and she can also count by 10s to 100. All thanks to a 100 wall chart I received with Dr. Beechick’s books - The Three R's.

I’ve been working on getting her to memorize certain surahs. She’s memorized five surahs now, so we read those together every night so she doesn’t forget them. Last year she memorized Kalema and salawat and now she has recently memorized Naade-Ali. She loves reading Naade-Ali, especially when we go in the car anywhere.

I’m going to take a break from homeschooling her now, except for the reading and reciting surahs of course. It’s getting quite close to her birthday party and our trip to Toronto so things are getting a bit hectic. Alhamdollillah most of the preparations are done, just a few last minute details left.

Please remember us in your prayers!


  1. I am impressed masha'allah. Happy summer vacation!
    Do you know any place that has the transliteration of Na'adi Ali?

  2. I don't know of any website that has the transliteration, however I made a page of Naade-Ali in Arabic, the transliteration and the translation for her to put up on her wall so she can read it and memorize it that way. I can email that to you if you like.

  3. MashaAllah! I'm so proud of you. So what do you think of Calvert now that you're done with it? Do they use holidays as themes?

  4. mashaAllah, may Allah reward u. i too am strongly considering Calvert..but i'm doing stuff with him (my 3yr. old) that I'm debating with it in my mind if its worth it or not. on the other hand i think it seems perfect for my older daughters inshaAllah and that i would supplement islamic stuff using the Tarbiya Curriculum-which seems mashaAllah wonderfully put together..

    have a great summer..

  5. Sorry about the delay in writing the review, inshallah I'll write one up as soon as I get the chance.