Sunday, June 25, 2006

Calvert pre-k curriculum review

My daughter really enjoyed the curriculum a lot. She loved all the arts and crafts and let me tell you that there were A LOT of arts and crafts. She also loved reading the short stories and poetry. One thing calvert did cover quite a lot though was the different holidays.

On Halloween we had to do many different arts and crafts for decorating the house. On Thanksgiving we actually talked about why we celebrate thanksgiving and learned more about the Native Americans and the settlers. There were many pictures to color and we had to talk about how they lived, etc… We also made lots of little thanksgiving crafts like a teepee and an Indian hat with the feather. Then on Christmas we had to discuss all about what Christmas is and we had to color Santa claus and make Christmas decorations, etc… The same thing for Valentines day as well. We had to talk about why we celebrate that and make valentines day cards and throw a party etc…

Now I say we had to do all these things because that is what the curriculum asked us to do with our children, but I of course picked and chose and skipped over a lot of the holiday stuff and replaced it with Islamic holiday stuff like Ramadhan decorations and Eid decorations and Hajj, etc…

This curriculum gave me many ideas and I used those ideas in my own ways. We learned about the seasons and gardens and how seeds grow and different kinds of weather and so many many things.

Around the end there was also reading and math: teaching the child phonics as much as they can handle at the pre-k age and counting up to ten. We also learned about pennies and nickels and dimes. My daughter was already past this level but she really enjoyed all the arts and crafts and learning about everything.

All in all, this curriculum is not really necessary if you already read with your preschooler and do arts and crafts with them. But, if you have the money to spend then it does save you A LOT of time. They also send you all the arts and crafts supplies and they have the best pencils, sharpeners and crayons ever!

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