Sunday, May 21, 2006

No more Madressa!

Today was my four year olds last day of Sunday school for this year. She had her final exam today as well which she aced once again. But today she was a bit sad on the drive home. I could tell she was going to miss going there every Sunday. I asked her later when we got home and she said she was going to miss her teacher a lot and she always wants Miss Hina to be her Madressa teacher. She had made her teacher a thank you card and gave her a little gift as well. It was very sweet because she had told me to write the thank you card for her while she dictated to me. It was something like: “Miss Hina, I will miss you a lot and thank you for teaching me all those nice things. I like you more than butterflies, especially my favorite monarch butterflies.”

Needless to say, Miss Hina thought the card was very adorable. Especially the picture she made of herself on the front holding a balloon.

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