Saturday, May 27, 2006

Party favors

I’ve already purchased quite a bit of toys, stickers, accessories and candy of course for the goody bags but I’ve also been working on creating some party favors for the girls ourselves. I was actually able to make really cute Hello Kitty bookmarks from this website: DLTK's Hello Kitty Section
And they have beautiful door hangers on this site: Hello Kitty door hangers
that I printed and glued onto card stock to make it firmer. After doing so much color printing I’ve realized that my printer is much better than I thought it was. The birthday girl helped me glue these things together and I’m going to get her to write a little note on the backs of the door hangers for each girl.

There will probably be a lot of blog entries this month regarding the party, because that is all my mind is engrossed with these days, so I hope it doesn’t bore you guys too much!

Crunch time

We’re down to about 15 lessons in the Calvert pre-k curriculum. We have about a month before her big birthday shindig and our trip to Toronto. I want to get all the lessons done before then and also be able to finish up last minute shopping and details for the party and the trip. It looks like the month of June is going to be quite a busy one and it hasn’t even started yet.

These days the girls have been playing non-stop with their play-doh. My youngest one is really getting into it. She’s actually able to shape it into something that doesn’t just look like a blob of play-doh. It’s cute watching them play together. They are also getting better at sharing. We do have our set-backs once in a while though, which involve the two year old getting into a crying fit. However now that she’s getting closer to her third birthday and is able to communicate better I have noticed that her tantrums are subsiding.

This is ridiculous!!!

Click the link below to read the article:
Judge Says Child Molester Is Too Short For Prison

So now short people are free to molest children because they have a get out of jail free card???

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Birthdays and Vacations!

My four year old will be a five year old around the end of June. A few days after her birthday we are going on vacation for a month to Toronto and won’t be back till August. Therefore I wanted to do a small birthday party with a few of her friends from Madressa so she can enjoy herself with them one last time before we take off for a month. I’m kind of doing a Hello Kitty and butterflies theme since she loves them both so much. I want to have some crafts and a few games but not too much since there are only 7 girls, all under 6 years of age. There is so much stuff on the hello kitty website to print out and download. I was even able to make the invitations from there and they look awesome. I’ll probably mail them out in a few weeks. There are many more coloring pages and games and puzzles and mazes and door hangers, etc…. It’s quite a packed website with bright beautiful pictures.

I can’t believe my baby is almost 5 already!!!

No more Madressa!

Today was my four year olds last day of Sunday school for this year. She had her final exam today as well which she aced once again. But today she was a bit sad on the drive home. I could tell she was going to miss going there every Sunday. I asked her later when we got home and she said she was going to miss her teacher a lot and she always wants Miss Hina to be her Madressa teacher. She had made her teacher a thank you card and gave her a little gift as well. It was very sweet because she had told me to write the thank you card for her while she dictated to me. It was something like: “Miss Hina, I will miss you a lot and thank you for teaching me all those nice things. I like you more than butterflies, especially my favorite monarch butterflies.”

Needless to say, Miss Hina thought the card was very adorable. Especially the picture she made of herself on the front holding a balloon.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Well I've pretty much finished moving and unpacking but I'm still too tired to write and we haven't got back full swing into homeschooling yet. We just visited the new library, got some books and have just been doing our daily reading. The girls got new bikes (with training wheels) so we have been going for bike rides every morning now before it gets too hot out.

Our new neighborhood is really nice and quiet. I haven’t seen many kids though. The girls love the new place and are constantly running around in circles. I’ve removed some stuff from storage out that I had placed there three years ago and it was like finding lost treasure. It was wonderful going through it all and being able to open it up and actually have room to use .

We’ll be leaving for Toronto in about two months and I have 30 lessons left on the calvert pre-k curriculum. We have ample time and I want to get it done before we go so I can give her a pre-k graduation certificate of some sort. We’ve also been moved to the pre-approved stage with Connections Academy so please pray that it all works out for us, I’m pretty excited about it. I think it will be really good for us.

That’s it for now, I’ll write more when I don’t feel so exhausted!