Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ice Age: The Meltdown

We took the girls to this movie on opening day in a huge theatre. It was their first movie in the theatre and they did have a good time, however the movie was quite scary for them. I know it was more the movie then the actual dark theatre itself because we purposely arrived early so they would have time to get comfortable and they were having fun reading the ads and then watching the previews. Even when the movie started at first it was fine but with the strange sea dinosaur/creatures trying to eat everyone and then parts of the movie were very loud and nerve-wracking it just got to be too much for them at times, especially for my four year old. But she does worry very easily. My two year old did get scared too and would just hold on to me really tight while my four year old did the same with her father. When we asked them if they had a good time they both said it was fun but verrrrry scary.

They really enjoyed the first Ice Age but I guess this one was just a little too much for them. However, it was fun to see the excitement and awe on their faces when we entered the theatre!

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