Saturday, April 15, 2006

Halal listening

If you go to this website “Teaching quran for children” you will find an excellent quran recitation for your children to follow and learn from. You can download the mp3s and burn it on a cd or upload on your mp3 player and let your kids listen all the time. It has really helped my four year old in memorizing many surahs and inshallah it will assist in her pronunciation now that she is getting older. My two year old also follows along when the children repeat because she loves to repeat everything. I cannot stress how great these recitations are and I hope you guys find them as useful as I do.

Another thing that my four year old loves to listen to is “Madinah tun-Nabi” by Dawud Wharnsby Ali. She actually loves to read along with him with the lyrics and she does pretty well. Every time he gets to the “Madinah tun-Nabi" part she gets really loud and sounds like she’s really enjoying herself. Of course my two year old does her best to follow along as well.

My four year old also loves to listen to the famous urdu naat “Ya Nabi” read by Qari Waheed Zafar but she loves the Arabic version better “Nabiyun Nabi” read by Umme Habiba because she said she really likes the sound of the lady’s voice. Both of my girls run around reading “Ya nabi” quite often though, I’ve caught them many times.

Of course during the month of Muharram we listened to many nohay and they had many favorites so I won’t list them here. But here are some good websites for great nasheed, naat and nohay.

1) has great Naat and Nohay
2) Naat-e-Rasool
3) latest nohas with lyrics!
4) has a great search feature for Naat, Qasiday and Nohay
5) Nasheed "islamic songs"
6) More Nasheed
7) Nasheeds in English Zain Bhikha is also great and my four year old loves to listen to "A is for Allah"


  1. Salaam,

    cant remember how I found your site but its really great. I am getting lots of ideas of things to do with my sons (4 and 22 mo)

    This Quran site is really useful. I just downloaded some of the small surahs and insha Allah I will have the kids listen to it everyday.

  2. Inshallah I will try and post more of our homeschooling adventures. The Quran site is amazing!

  3. Asalamalakum:

    It's 5:44, shortly before fajr, and I happen to land on your blog and seen the link for the quran recitation. It's wonderful for those trying to learn surahs.

    The quaran recitation site is wonderful.