Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Word magnets

My husband got my four year old some word magnets so she can have some fun making sentences. I don't know where he got these magnets because they have some funny words in them. So these are some sentences she's made so far:

1) I feel better and I am awesome
2) We are a happy family
and the funniest one:
3) I live richly and I am delighted


  1. ROFLMHO! That is cute, I think I need to get some of those. We have lots of letter magnets but it's harder to do stuff with them when half the letters you need are missing and probably under the refrigerator somewhere:)

    I need to write down more of the funny things my dds come up with. Sometimes if I remember and I can do it fast, I blog it but more often than not I forget too quickly. Plus because I have 3 of them and they're always saying stuff I get confused fast.

  2. I know, I forget more than half the stuff she says to me too, so I always try and keep a pad of paper and pencil in every room so I can quickly jot it down. What amazes me is her vocabulary!