Sunday, March 12, 2006

She did it!

Well yesterday was the day for the little girl’s majlis at our local center. When it was her turn she took her nawha book to the front of the room. I followed her and then I was given the microphone to hold it close to her while she read her nawha. Since she was the youngest reader there, she was the first to begin the nawhas. Everyone was anxiously waiting for her to begin. She opened her nawha book and then noticed that I was holding the microphone close to her. She turns to me and in the microphone she says, “mama I want to hold the microphone.” I told her that she needs to hold her book with one hand and do matam with her other hand and she needs to start reading now. Then she says “why do you get to hold it?” I felt like bursting out laughing because we’re having a whole conversation while all the others are waiting for us to start. So again I just said for her to start reading and she started so quickly, loudly and with such confidence I was a bit surprised myself. She read very well with a lot of confidence and didn’t even make one mistake. Afterward every lady in the room approached me and told me how wonderful she read. They all praised her as well and she was smiling from ear to ear, so proud of herself. The funniest thing was, they were all telling me how well she spoke the Urdu in the nawha and it’s a good thing I was teaching her at home. I felt like laughing but I just smiled. Little do they know she can barely even understand Urdu, let alone speak it. I just kept correcting her accent when she was practicing and she just seemed to have got it. Anyhow, I’m proud of her that she did well and glad that she did it, but also very relieved that it’s over. She wasn’t nervous about doing it at all, but I was definitely nervous for her. Now I don’t have to worry about it again till next year!

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  1. Who Killed Al-Hussain?

    Retelling the tragedy of Karbalâ has traditionally been an important feature of Shî‘î spirituality. The passion plays of Iran and the Indian subcontinent, the literature, both prose and poetry, composed upon the subject of the martyrdom of Hussain bin Ali (radiyallâhu ‘anhuma).
    To some, ‘Âshurâ is probably the most important day of the year.

    Is Karbala: Hussain vs Yazîd?

    For while Hussain's martyrdom has been oft commemorated, and his physical opponents and killers identified, cursed and eliminated, no one has spared a moment's anger for those who deserted him at the crucial hour.
    It is these men in the shadows, who squarely deserve to be called the real villains of Karbalâ, upon whom this article seeks to cast light.

    Events as they happened

     The People of Kufaa invite al-Hussain

     It was in Ramadân 60AH that the letters from Kûfah started to arrive at the house of ‘Abbâs ibn ‘Abd al-Muttalib in Makkah where Hussain ibn ‘Alî was staying after his journey from Madînah,
     Mu‘âwiyah died two months earlier, and there was much resentment for his son Yazîd for whom the bay‘ah was taken as his successor.
     The people of Kûfah looking at Hussain for leadership
     Number of letter Hussain in received in a day would reach 600 promising loyalty
     Letters urging him to lead the Kûfans into revolt against Yazîd ibn Mu‘âwiyah, and assuring him of their loyalty and allegiance.

    History of Kufa

     Kûfah was a unique place, and the Kûfans a peculiar people.
     In 37AH, Alî (radiyallâhu ‘anhu) shifted his capital from Madînah to Kûfah
     Hussain decided to send his cousin Muslim ibn ‘Aqîl to investigate the situation in Kûfah.
     12 000 Kûfans who had given their solemn pledge to support and protect Hussain with their lives
     Number of supporters rose to 18 000
     Bay‘ah of the Kûfans to Hussain bin Ali (radiyallâhu ‘anhuma)

    Events leading to the incident of Karbala

     Yazîd replaces the Governor of Kufah with Ubaydullâh ibn Ziyâd
     The ruthless ‘Ubaydullâh ibn Ziyad entered Kûfah
     The people of Kûfah, who were expecting Hussain, mistook him for Hussain.
     "Peace upon you, O son of Rasûlullâh," they hailed him. Thus it was that Ibn Ziyâd learnt the truth of the rumors.
     Kufan are threatened by Ubaidulalh
     The Kufans start deserting one by one

    Only 30 men left Out of the 18 000

     The Day of Arafah, the 9th of Dhul Hijjah— Muslim ibn ‘Aqîl, al-Hussain’s brother was thrown from the fort [almost a month before the day of Ashura]
     In Makkah, a number of the eminent Sahâbah tried to dissuade Hussain from going to Kûfah

    Al-Hussan reaches Iraq

    Hussain addressed the people saying, "Our Shî‘ah have deserted us. Therefore, whoever wants to leave is free to do so." Soon he was left with only those who left Makkah with him. With them he continued towards Kûfah