Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Pen pals

I have a lot of family in Toronto so when I took the girls to visit last July they became quite friendly with some of my younger cousins. My four year old really got attached to my nine year old cousin there and talked about her so much when we got back. So back in October I decided to let her write her a letter (I wrote, she dictated) to tell her how much she appreciated her and how she missed her a lot and some other things about herself. She also drew some pictures for her too. I let her seal the envelope and then I wrote the address on there while she stuck on the stamp. Then we went to the post office and mailed it off. She was very happy and proud. I guess she had felt better about being able to say/write down what she was feeling and stopped harassing me about missing her so much.

Then about a month later she got a reply from my cousin, which I didn’t expect, but it made my four year old so excited. First because she got mail, and second because she now had a pen pal. Now every month we get a new letter and we reply to her letters. The girls send little gifts of artwork to each other. It’s very sweet and so wonderful to see this happening between them. I talked to my uncle and aunt in Toronto about this too and they are so happy that we started to do this because their daughter gets so excited to receive a letter too and loves to make things for her little niece and send them over.

In their recent letters they’ve been talking about what movies they both love and what books they are currently reading. My cousin made an origami crane and my four year old was just amazed by it.

I’m so happy that she has found someone that has the same interests and loves her so very much to take the time and do this with her. I can tell that it has really made their friendship much stronger and they can’t wait to see each other in July again.

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