Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Arba’een (Chehlum of Shuhada-e-Karbala)

Arba’een has come and gone and the month of safar is also coming to an end. Soon the commemoration of the tragedy of Karbala and the sacrifice of the Imam will all be set aside until next year. This year was the first year I started teaching my children about Imam Hussain (as). My four year old has really grasped quite a bit and at one point during one of the majlis she turned to me and told me she felt very sad for Bibi Sakina while the speaker was reading about her. I’m really happy at every thing she has understood and accomplished this Muharram. Inshallah I’ll keep reviewing it through the year and we’ll be able to pick up from where we left off next year. She’s also already started practicing another nawha to read at the little girl’s majlis next year. My two year old is very eager to read with her as well. I’ll be blogging more about my two year old soon, inshallah.

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