Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Things we've been working on.

I’ve been trying to teach my four year old more about muharram and the life of Imam Hussain (as). I’ve been reading a lot of stories about the Imams and telling her a lot about Karbala. To help her understand how everything is all related I changed her old blessings tree into Prophet Muhammad’s family tree. So it starts off with his great-grandfather then grandfather, father, mother, wife, daughter, and then into the twelve Imams. After she saw it on the wall it was much easier for her to see how everyone was related, especially Imam Hussain (as).

Another thing we’ve been working on is a lapbook. I’ve been wanting to do one for a while with her now, but never really knew how to do it until I found an excellent website that really laid it out well. I chose the topic Florida to keep it simple and she really learned a lot more about the state she lives in. She did all the gluing and she traced over my lettering with markers. It turned out pretty well. Basically we started off with a Florida map (which she colored) on the front cover and then inside we got pictures and very basic information about the state flag, bird, tree, flower, etc... Of course we got all the info and pictures from my favorite site, enchanted learning.

She really enjoyed making the lapbook and wants to do another one on another topic. I told her maybe in a few weeks. I will post pictures of the family tree and lapbook as soon as I take some.

In a few weeks my local mosque is going to have a majlis for little girls where only the young ones will be reading poetry, lectures and nauhay. So she told me she wants to read a nauha just like mama and she wants a nauha book just like mama’s. So since yesterday we’ve been working on that. I had bought her a little notebook, kind of like a diary, with butterflies on it that I wanted to give to her in a few months to practice handwriting in, but now I’ve turned that into her nauha book. I typed up the only nauha she knows how to read pretty well and I glued the paper on the first page. She’s been screaming her lungs out since yesterday practicing it and she’s really improved since yesterday but her accent is horrid when she speaks urdu. I wish I could somehow fix her accent so the ladies don’t end up snickering while listening to her. It is kind of adorable though. :)

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