Wednesday, February 22, 2006


What a sad day for all muslims! I just can't believe that this has actually happened. It's such a tragedy!

Holy Shrine Damaged After Blast in Samarra, Iraq

Samarra: Shia pilgrimage centre

In pictures: Iraq shrine bombing


  1. It sure is!

    I thought about it and realized this has been happening for centuries - the shrines of Ahlulbayt (as) graves have been demolished and rebuilt over and over in many parts of the world. The one in Jannatul Baqi I think is the most recent one.....

    allahumma sale ala Mohammedan wa ale Mohammed

  2. Condolence to all over Muslims in the world.

    May GOD empower has to fight against terrorism and opperession.

  3. This is a horrible turn of events. May Allah have mercy on all who died and guide those who did these terrible crimes.