Monday, February 20, 2006

President's Day

Since today was President's Day I talked to my four year old about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Now she's very excited about visiting Washington D.C. and seeing the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. I printed these little books about both Presidents from the Enchanted Learning website (which I love by the way). Then we made a picture of a cherry tree, depicting the cherry tree that Washington cut down. Later she was reading the two books about the presidents to her uncle.

It's cute how she really gets into anything I teach her, especially if there are some arts and crafts involved. :)


  1. That's nice.

    The cherry tree story is a myth, apparently never really happened. :)

  2. Really? And that was part of her calvert curriculum too, that's funny. It's actually interesting doing all this with her because I'm learning at the same time. I grew up in Canada so I have very little knowledge of American politics and history. :)

  3. yeah it is a popular myth taught in schools as a moral lesson about being truthful. But historians say nothing like it every happened.