Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Book List

I thought I'd do a list of books, mainly series, that my daughter loves to read on her own. Alhamdolillah her reading is getting better day by day and she really enjoys it. She reads approximately 20 to 30 children's books per week.

Here are a list of some of her favorite series that she checks out from the library over and over again.

1) Little Bear Boxed Set: Little Bear, Father Bear Comes Home, and Little Bear's Visitbooks by Else Holmelund Minarik and Maurice Sendak. I think she's read almost every single one of them and one of her favorite's is Father's Flying Flapjacks (Maurice Sendak's Little Bear).

2) Arthur's Underwear (Arthur Adventure Series)by Marc Brown. She's definitely read all of them, many times. And her father also enjoys reading them to her. Now she has started to read the Arthur Chapter Books #4-6and is really enjoying these as well.

3) The American Girls Short StoriesThe short stories are perfect for her because her reading level is there, but she does not have the attention span or even the interest to read a whole novel yet. She really enjoys the short stories because they are short and very entertaining, she also loves the recipes and crafts they have at the end of the stories. She has read all of the Felicity and Samantha stories in this series, now she is working on Kit, Molly and Josefina.

4) Hopscotch Hill School SeriesThis is also a part of the American Girl Collection. These ones she REALLY loves reading. I think these are her favorite and I believe she has read almost every one in the series. Our library system is really great here in Orange county and they usually have every book that we are looking for.

5) The Magic School Bus SeriesShe loves this series of books and the television show which comes on the Discovery channel! Her favorite is the Human Body one, which I haven't read yet but she was telling me all about it with such excitement. I really appreciate this series that introduces science to children in a fun and entertaining way.

6) Many picture books that look interesting and have wonderful colorful pages and beautiful artwork. We must have read hundreds by now together. Children's books have some of the most amazing artwork I've ever seen. Just go to your local library or bookstore and let your child walk around and pick out books that look interesting to them. Of course not everything she picks out I approve of so I let her pick a whole bunch and then we'll just choose a few from the pile that I think will be appropriate. That way she gets what she wants and can't wait to read them as soon as she gets home.

If you know of any other series that she might be interested in reading, please do let me know.


  1. I used to read Little Bear books when I was young. She might also like Frog and Toad books and Amelia Bedelia books.....

  2. Yeah she actually did like them a lot about 6 months ago. Especially Frog and Toad, but now she doesn't get them anymore.

  3. She's 4 and a half, but at 4th grade reading level now.

  4. Maa shaa Allah, you are also hs'ing gifted girls like me! (Did you just join the Islamic WTM list this week? Was that you?) By the way this is my first visit to your blog, I found you via Sister Scorpion and I will get you linked on my site asap.

    It kinda sounds like if she's going through so many books a week that maybe the stuff she's reading is too easy for her? Although I totally understand the struggle of finding age-appropriate reading material for a child who is reading waaaaayyyyy beyond their age-level. My 6 year old seems to increase her reading level by a grade every 3-4 months and it gets harder and harder to find something that isn't about school, boyfriends, divorce, etc. Add to that the difficulty of even figuring out what the "reading level" is in the first place and your head starts spinning. Oh and then they read them so fast that you have to turn around and find new ones all over again quickly, so you can't even congratulate yourself for long when you DO find something good!

    My dds love "Little Rat Sets Sail" by Monika Bang-Campbell and there is also Little Rat Rides-- they are both *hilarious* and I think 2nd grade level or so.

    Has she read The Littles series yet? Those are pretty short and full of action and might hold her attention. 3rd grade level, maybe? Also, Socks by Beverly Cleary is not too long--probably 3rd-4th grade level also. It's about a cat and a baby.

    Also, have you considered a subscription to Ladybug magazine? My dds had a lot of fun with those. Mostly the topics are about children and nature though. There is also a lot of poetry which is what started my 6 yo on her poetry obsession. It only comes bi-monthly though.

    One caveat about the magazine thing is that depending on how you feel about certain things there may be articles about things you might find objectionable, like weddings with mixed dancing or musical topics or one time there was a story about a Hindu religious festival. You can't control the magazines as much as you can control one book at a time but maybe you could check them out of the library.

    How about non-fiction? Our public library has a fairly extensive collection of non-fiction easy readers too.

  5. Actually if you go to my first introductory post on this blog here: http://orlandomama.blogspot.com/2005/12/starting-homeschooling-journey.html

    You’ll see that I finally made the decision to start homeschooling her around January 2005. That’s because I was introduced to your blog around that time and it really helped me make a firm decision. I also joined your Islamic WTM list around the time you first created it in March 2005. I’ve been a member since then with my anilasoft.com email address, if you go back to the emails on the website from March 21st, you’ll see a couple of them are from me as well. Now that list is pretty slow. I was actually introduced to that book through you and first heard of it from your blog and list. I read it and it also really helped me in homeschooling her. I use a pre-packaged curriculum just to cover all my bases but I also supplement a lot. It’s really a lot of fun.

    She actually goes through so many books because she reads all the time. When she’s not homeschooling, eating, sleeping or playing outside, she’s usually reading. She also does read a lot of stuff that’s easy for her, like the little bear books, but I don’t stop her because she’s only four so I just let her read pretty much whatever she wants to get at the library as long as the content is okay. I just quickly skim through them before I check them out.

    She loves getting non-fiction books as well, we usually get at least 5 per week. She’s really crazy about butterflies and dinosaurs so most of them are on these topics. I love the non-fiction ones myself. When we did the Florida lapbook we actually got a non-fiction book about Florida to help us out.

    I get a lot of good ideas from your blog, I’m just not a big commenter so I haven’t left you many comments. I just recently read “The Red Bird” with her after reading about it on your blog and she really enjoyed it. Thanks for all the recommendations on the books; I will definitely look into all of them.

    I don’t have a subscription to ladybug magazine, I didn’t know about it. I was going to subscribe her to “Your Big Backyard” soon, but I may rethink my decision after this. Do you have any experience with “Your Big Backyard?”

    Please do stay in touch and please write more in your blog too if you can. I really learn so very much from you. You have really helped me with my journey and I wanted to thank you. 