Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"10 Ways to be a supportive Homeschool Dad!"

I found this article in the homeschooling section of about.com (which I looooove by the way). Alhamdolillah my husband is a very supportive husband and father and has really helped me with educating my girls tremendously.

Here's is the link for those of you interested:
"Top 10 Ways to be a Supportive Homeschool Dad"

1) Provide for your family.
If your wife is the one at home doing the teaching, the most important thing you can do is provide for the family so she can concentrate on the teaching. It takes a big weight off her shoulders if the bills are paid and she has the funds needed for homeschool materials.

2) Be supportive to your wife.
It is very important to listen to your wife and be understanding after a rough day. Stand behind her and be supportive of what she's doing with the kids.

3) Give your wife time to herself.
Give her time for herself, either to go out with friends, time home alone, an uninterrupted bubble bath, or whatever she enjoys a couple times a month, if not weekly. But in addition to that, try to give her 20 or 30 minutes a night for herself.

4) Show interest in school work and projects.
Ask the kids what they're learning. Look at their school work and projects. Offer encouragement and your own knowledge in the area.

5) Read to your children.
Take the time to read chapter books to the kids. They will always remember the time spent in a good book. And if you can, get into the characters, use funny voices - even teenagers enjoy being read to.

6) Play games together.
Playing games, doing puzzles, even hide and seek is a perfect way to spend time with the kids and give mom a few minutes to herself. Of course, your wife can play too!

7) Include the kids in your household projects.
Be sure to include the kids in projects you do around the house. They'll learn a lot and be a help to you at the same time.

8) Be involved in the kids' projects.
Plan some projects to do with the kids related to what they're studying. Even if it's only a couple times a year, it'll be meaningful to them.

9) Take the family on educational field trips.
Take the family on educational field trips when possible - zoos, museums, aquariums, hiking, etc.

10) Don't neglect your marriage.
It's very, very easy for homeschooling moms to get all wrapped up in the kids and neglect the marital relationship. Plan a date night for the two of you. It is important for the kids to see a solid, loving relationship. They'll be shaping their future relationships on what they observe at home.

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