Friday, January 13, 2006

"Stupid in America"

I just finished watching 20/20 tonight about education in America. Most of the things I was already aware of, but some things were definitely an eye opener.

It was shocking to see that it took them years to fire a teacher who sent sexual emails to one of his students just because they had to go through all the procedures that the teacher’s union has set up. The more I learn about the public school system the happier I am with my decision to homeschool. It’s not only scary, but also very sad. And it just seems to be getting worse.

Here's is the link to the news report:
Stupid in America


  1. Well I don't know what kind of union that is, but I am a public school teacher and board member of the union and that would not happen here - that person would be on administrative leave immediately and if accusations proved to be true then would be out of a job and in court most likely. Good unions aren't about protecting bad teachers, they are about protecting quality education for students by promoting good working conditions for good teachers, teacher training, removal of bad administrators, etc.

    Public education also gets a worse rap than it deserves. Some schools are bad, but not the overall system. The challenge of the overall system is usually in politics.
    But, I thank God every day for public education because it is the ONLY system that accepts EVERY child. If we didn't have it and people had to pay for school or educate their own, there are a whole lot of children who would be deprived of the opportunity and our society would be very very much divided by race and class with the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer much more drastically than today.

    I don't begrudge anyone who chooses to send their children to private schools or to homeschool (at least that actually do it - some just use it as a euphonym for a kid staying home and babysitting or working or doing nothing) - I am glad there are a variety of options for a variety of people.

    But there are lots of great things happening in public schools too and lots of kids getting great educations. And I know from experience that private school teachers generally are worse and less qualified than the majority of public teachers because the private schools tend to pay less, don't require training and degrees, etc. Not that there aren't great ones in any field - but the better trained ones, as a whole, are in public education.

  2. The article presents an interesting idea... open up the schools, create a competition, parents get a choice, then school management is forced to increase the quality of its programs!

  3. Thanks Masooma for the info. I know there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about the public school system. The special on 20/20 last night did not paint a pretty picture so it's nice to hear both sides of the story

  4. For the most part the schools are already open - students can go to whichever one that they want provided parents are willing to transport to a non-neighborhood school and provided the school is not already filled to capacity.

    It is true there are a lot of misconceptions - from all sides - whenever people have an agenda they paint a picture that represents their agenda.

    Salaaam Alaaykum! :)