Monday, January 02, 2006


Well here it is, the month of Hajj. This month always makes me a little bit sad because I still have not been able to go for Hajj and now it seems like it'll be forever before I get the chance to.

I wanted to teach my four year old more about this month and about the things that people do when they go for hajj so here's what we've been working on. Recently I bought this book for her because she's been reading so well I figured she would be able to read this with no problems Muslim Child: Understanding Islam Through Stories and Poems by Rukhsana Khan.

This is such a great book and it also has a nice little section with a wonderful story on Hajj. We actually read it together and I had to explain a lot to her but she really got the concept of Hajj down from this book. It really is a great buy, it's filled with wonderful stories and poems! (By the way, there are many other books written by this author that my daughter really enjoys reading, you should check out her website:!

We've also made a model of the Kabah. It actually turned out better than I thought it would and she is so proud of it because I made her do all of the work by herself. Basically we just took a square shipping box, covered it with black construction paper and then added some strips of yellow construction paper on top for the finishing touches. We just completed it today and I will take a picture of it and post it soon, Inshallah.

I have some other ideas I want to work on for the rest of the week, perhaps talk more about the ihram. Speaking of which, I found this really cool informative site about ihram. It's really an interesting historical read:
DRESSED IN IHRAM: A digital exhibition about Hajj clothing


  1. Insha'allah Allah swt will call you to hajj. You may have been other places that others just dream of, like maybe you've done some ziarat?

    I want to check out that site now, even though I don't have a child for the books.... you made me interested. :)

  2. You should definitely check out Rukhsana Khan's books. I don't think children's books are necessarily just for children. Some of my favorite books that I still read to this day are children's books.