Sunday, December 11, 2005

Personality of a toddler

My two year old has the worst mood swings I've ever seen. First of all, if her tummy is empty even a bit watch out for major temper tantrums and fussiness. Then if she does not want to be spoken to at any time then no one should even look in her direction because they will get a bad look and low grunt, it's actually kind of cute. And on top of that she is the most antisocial kid I've ever seen. The only child she will play with is her own sister and every other child she gives dirty looks to, especially if they are playing with her sister. Adults never get her attention unless she knows them and are family. She is not shy at all, she just does not like other people.

When she does totally lose her temper the first thing she usually does is fall to the floor and start kicking and screaming. However when she also wants to make someone else mad (like me or her sister) then she'll run to the room and start throwing all the books and toys off the shelf.

All her antics however amuse me more than anything. I know it's bad but I usually get a laugh out of them because here's this little two year old who is barely three feet tall and is full of so much attitude, it's just too funny.

The funnier thing is that when she is actually in a good mood: when she's fed and slept well and no one is bothering her, then she is the most loving and affectionate child. She will hug you and kiss you constantly and play with you so much. I love her laugh, it just echos through the whole house.

Children really are such a blessing from Allah (swt).

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  1. AHA! There you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISSED U!