Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas shoppers and more...

I don't celebrate christmas myself but I love going to the mall just to watch all the people hustling and bustling around. I admit, I'm a bit of a people watcher. I love going to the mall more for that than shopping. Our local mall here has a place right in the middle of the food court for children to play and run around in. I usually take the girls there and let them play with the other children while I watch all of the people interacting with their friends and family. I wonder what they are worried about, or fighting about. What their relationship is, if any at all. The best time for this is Christmas because there are so many people, by themselves and in groups. You see a lot of people that look very stressed and rushed. And then there are those that are with their kids and are usually a little frazzled. My favorites are the ones that really get into the christmas spirit and are all dressed up and happy and walking around wishing everyone a merry christmas or happy holidays.

I've been a bit busy with the girls myself. We've been making decorations for New Years and also putting are snowflakes up. My FIL (the girls' grandfather) has been visiting Pakistan and is returning on New Year's Eve and my four year old has been counting down the days on her calendar because she misses him so much. She wants to go all out on the decorations when he returns and wants to make him some special treats. Of course her first question to him is going to be, "What did you bring me?" :)

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